Acid-Base CLinIMApp™

(Acid-Base Computer-Linked Interactive Mapping Application)

Verify the data contained in arterial blood gas (ABG) report by keying in the PaCO2 and [HCO3-] values, supplied to you by the lab, within their respective fields on a Tri-Axial image. The app will scribe a line corresponding to each of those values, scribe another line portraying the [H+] value, and display digital readouts for [H+] and pH. The location of the point of intersection of the three scribed lines on the Tri-Axial Map will indicate what acid-base derangement, if any, applies to your patient.

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Type in the values of PaCO2 and [HCO3-] and click Submit. Lines will be scribed on the tri-axial map below revealing the value of [H+] and showing the calculations that led to the pH value.

Click on the label within a region to view more detailed information about its classification.

The following values for PaCO2, [HCO3-] and [H+] were considered the normal limits of their respective ranges for construction of this nomogram: 35 to 45 torr, inclusive; 22 to 26 mEq/L, inclusive; and 35 to 45 nM/L, inclusive.

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